Racing Recovery Support for horses.

Electrolyte +BCAA +B Vitamins +Vitamin C +Vitamin E

Formulated to replace essential nutrients lost in racing, training, competition and transport


• Rehydration

• Recovery

• Horses prone to ‘tying up’

• Electrolytes

Sweating results in the loss of essential electrolyte. If these losses are not replaced, metabolic imbalances may occur. These can result in lactic acid build up, dehydration, decreased performance and tying ups.

Sodium and Chloride

Has a role in maintaining normal electrolyte balance in body tissues during heavy exercise. Has a role in recovery after strenuous exercise and stimulates thirst.

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Has a role in maintaining cellular integrity and healthy nerve and muscle function. Has a role in muscular contraction, nerve function and relaxation of the heart muscle.


Supporting Equine muscle recovery after hard exertion, racing, cross country, or endurance racing. The three essential amino acids, valine, leucine and isoleucine cannot be manufactured by the horse, yet are required in large amounts in the diet of horses to ensure the optimum recovery and repair of muscles after hard exertion. Branch Chain Amino Acids are required in high amounts any time there is strenuous exercise and stress, including after muscle injury, surgery, hard or prolonged exercise or racing. Muscle tissue consists of about one third of these branch chain amino acids, and muscle damage during exertion, results in the loss of large amounts of these critical nutrients. When you give branch chain amino acids to horses after hard work, you reduce the need to ravage muscle cells and liver proteins. Thus allowing faster recovery after hard work, or racing.

Natural Vitamin E

Supporting the protection of cells from oxidative damage. Supports the maintenance of healthy muscle tissue. Linked to oxygen uptake as well as reducing fatigue.

Ascorbic Acid

Highly effective natural antioxidant. Under stress conditions such as racing horses have a higher requirement. Linked to reduced soreness in muscles and increased recovery.


Has a role in the metabolism and maintenance of normal muscle and nerve function. Has a role in optimizing energy use. Has a role in assisting in the maintenance of normal appetite and body weight


Is required for normal general metabolism, growth, and red blood cell production Has a role in maintaining the integrity of skin, mucous membranes and maintains nerve fibre integrity

Pantothenic Acid

Has a role in normal energy metabolism, reproduction, growth and nerve function. Involved in transmission of nerve impulses
needed for health of skin and hair Involved in red blood cell production