Gozl Saudi Arabia was established in 1991 with a vision to offer the Saudi animal health market with high quality veterinary products and services.

Now Gozl is a leading company at the Saudi animal health market with nearly complete products portfolio that covers all animal species and all sectors in the veterinary practices.

We accomplish our work through a highly qualified team in each business segment.

Gozl has a strong market access to all customers with an exceptional logistics department and seven stores across the kingdom to accelerate delivery of goods on time while maintaining high standards of quality.

Our laboratory technical services are a part of the main package we offer to our valuable customers.

Our distribution store, clinics and pharmacies enable us to establish our relationship with customers and give us a clear picture about competitions.


To lead the Saudi animal health market with mutual improvement in veterinary practices through the most advanced solutions and support to our customers


We Believe That in-order-to concrete Our Vision We Need To Endure:

  • Genuine Solutions To our customers.
  • Ongoing Technical Support.
  • Zesty after selling services.
  • Leading the market trend.