Zagrosol Multivite is a unique concentrated liquid multivitamin supplement administered via drinking water of the animals. It is intended to increase farm productivity by preventing vitamin deficiencies. It helps maintain healthy level of multivitamins in livestock animals compromised by overcrowding, stress, bullying of other animals and vitamin degradation due to feed processing, transportation and storage. It can also be an economical tool to speed up recovery from diseases and improve animal’s resistance to infections.

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Vitamin A 10.o MIU, Vitamin D 3.0 MIU,  Vitamin E 10.o g, Vitamin B1 3.5 g,  Vitamin B2 2.0 g, Vitamin B5, 5.o g,  Vitamin B6 2.0 g, 10.0 g, Vitamin B12 5.0g,  Nicotinamide 5.0g,  Biotin 10.0 g.



– Maintains healthy level of multivitamins in livestock animals compromised by

  • Overcrowding, stress and bullying by other animals
  • Vitamin degradation due to feed processing, transportation and storage

– Speeds up recovery from diseases

– Improves resistance to infections

The drive in increasing farm productivity through efficient use of space, capital and time led farmers to do Intensive Farming. Today’s modern farming offers more technological options to farmers than ever before. Present day technologies did not only produce hybrid genetics in increasing litters and egg production, it took care of nutritional requirements of a large animal population through feed manufacturing.

But Intensive Farming also has its disadvantages like problems in overcrowding, cannibalism and bullying. This results in decreased farm output with lowered feed efficiency, varying animal weight and size, decreased reproductive function and poor immunity. Furthermore, feed processing does not completely provide all the vitamin requirements of a large farm population as they claim. High temperature feed processing and extruding degrades vitamin concentration.

In this circumstance, it is highly recommended that vitamin supplementation be given not only in feeds but also in drinking water. Supplementing in drinking water provides easy acess by all the farm animals. In addition, sick animals suffering from poor appetite may refrain from eating but not drinking.


Benefits of using Zagrosol Multivites

  •  Superior solubility – reduces clogging in drinking water pipes.
  • No difficulty in giving medication – just mix in water.
  • Easily absorbed by the body.


Dosage & Administration

Poultry – Mix 1 mL per 2-3 L of drinking water. Swine – Mix 1 mL per 3 L of drinking water. Sheep and Goat – Administer 0.1 mL per animal. Dairy Cow/Cattle – Administer 2-5 mL animal.



Zagrosol Multivites is packed in 1 L, 5 L, 20 L and 200 L container.