Didecyldimethyl Ammonium Chloride 7% w/v
Excipients qs

AQUASAN is powerful and safe disinfectant for poultry,
livestock and aquaculture. The wide antimicrobial
spectrum includes Bactria, Fungi and enveloped
AQUASAN is specially formulated to give cleansing
and degreasing action and it is fragrance-free for
suitable application in food processing equipment.
AQUASAN is suitable for use as general disinfectant
for surfaces and equipment, for flushing of water
system and pipelines and for drinking water sanitization
in animal and poultry farms.


  • As drinking water sanitizer for poultry and livestock:
    1 ml of AQUASAN in 10 liters of water.
  • For flushing the pipelines and farm utensils :
    10-15 ml AQUASAN per liter of water.
    For washing equipment, vehicles, hand wash, foot bath
    1 ml of AQUASAN per liter of water.
  • For Aquaculture:
    5-10 liters of AQUASAN for one hectare pond with an
    average depth of 1 meter or a final dilution of 0.5 to 1
    ppm or 0.5 to 1ml in 1000 liters of water.
  • For effective distribution in ponds:
    Dilute the required quantity of AQUASAN 10 times with
    water and apply in different parts of pond.
    Note- A withdrawal time of 500 degree days after last
    application is recommended for fish.


 Packing: 500 ml, 5L, 20 L