Antox has a synergistic combination of acids that act as mold inhibitor and mold killer. They also control bacterial pathogenesis through gut acidification. The yeast extract provides a better Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR), besides stimulating immunological response during physiological and pathogenic stress, and vaccination.
Live yeast replaces the harmful bacteria patches by Competitive Exclusion Method (CEM), particulary during and after antibiotic treatment.

A blend of organic acids, B- complex vitamins, essential minerals, yeast extract (Saccharomyces cerevisiae- 4.125 X 106 cfu/ 100ml), sonicated MOS, and protein hydrolysate.

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  • Poultry:
    Prevention of Salmonellosis and Colibacillosis,
    damaged liver due to mycotoxins, hepatitis, fatty
    liver, kidney malfunction, ascites, oral mouth lesions,
    reduced productivity, suppressed immunity due to
    heat stress and vaccination.
  • Livestock:
    For immunity prophylaxis, high mycotoxin levels in
    milk, reduced milk production, anorexia, off- feed,
    and rumen dysfunction.


  • Poultry:
    Prophylactic dosage: 0.5ml per liter of drinking water,
    continuously for 3- 5 days every month
    Curative dosage: 1ml per liter of drinking water,
    continuously for 5- 7 days.
    Competitive Exclusion Method: 1- 1.5ml per liter of
    drinking water, continuously for 5-7 days post
    antibiotic treatment.
  • Livestock:
    Small animals: 5 – 10ml per animal, twice a day for 3
    to 5 days.
    Large animals: 50 – 60ml per animal, twice a day for
    3- 5 days.

Pack Size:

500 ml, 1 liter, 5L