Supporting bone density and strength for horses that do not have access to fresh grazing pasture

Vitamin K1 & K2 Supplement for Horses

Vitamin K supports the reduction of the incidence of bone defects that cost the thoroughbred industry every year in terms of lost genetic potential, poor performance and money.

The protein osteocalcin, which is dependent on Vitamin K, binds the mineral and protein in bone together. If the horse does not have enough available Vitamin K, the binding is incomplete and low density, defective bone and cartilage are produced.

It has being known for some time that the correct form of Vitamin K prevents and supports the reversal of osteoporosis, improves bone geometry and reduces the incidence of stress fractures in humans.

Note:  Horses that do not have constant access to high quality fresh grazing pasture are likely to be deficient in Vitamin K, leading to a reduction in bone density and strength.

When to feed Oesteovital

• Starting with Brood mares ‘’The development of healthy bone structure begins during pregnancy’’

• From weaning to young racehorses

• Keeping older horses in work

Oesteovital supports:

• Improved bone density

• Supports the prevention of bone disease

• Supports the treatment of bone diseases

*Oesteovital may also support the rebuild of affected areas after arthroscopic surgery (chip removal)

Feeding Instructions


Adult Horses 50g To support normal bone growth

Foals 30g To support normal bone growth

Adult Horses 100g For extra effect

Foals 30g For extra effect



Adult Camels 50g To support normal bone growth

Calves 30g To support normal bone growth

Adult Camels 100g For extra effect

Calves 30g For extra effect