The Inside Scoop…
Creatine assists muscles in producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the substance that fuels bursts of energy on the cellular level. (Creatine donates a part of itself — high-energy phosphate — to create the ATP, which the muscles can then use for energy.) Gamma Oryzanol displays antioxidant properties and protects heart vessels from free-radical damage. This is a natural extract from rice bran that contributes to the structure of muscle building hormones. N, N-Dimethylglycine is responsible for a lower blood lactic acid levels following training. It has also been observed that horses improve muscle recover, have a more “aggressive” appetite and recover faster from racing and training than the controls in a test environment.

Composition: / oz.

Gamma Oryzanol ( rice bran extract ) 1500 mg,  N.N-Dimethylglycine 400 mg, Creatine Monohydrate 1000 mg



Supplement that enhances muscle growth in racing horses for better performance


Direction of use:

1 oz. daily per head

(Enclosed measure approx. 1 oz.)


Animal species : Horses


Withdrawal Period : Not Required


Pack size:

1 gallon