Glutaraldehyde 6.25%

Quaternary Ammonium Compounds 12.50%

Terpine Derivatives 4%

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For the treatment and control of all types of bacteria, viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and terpinesensitive insects in poultry and dairy farms, pet clinics, food processing units, malls and restaurants, and medical centers.                         Combat has a quick action, long residual efficacy, and is unaffected by water hardness, temperature and pH. It is non- corrosive, non- irritant and non- toxic with pleasant pine odour.

Recommended Usage:

  • Spraying (Terminal & routine disinfection):
    Regular disinfection- 1:200 (5ml per liter of water)
    Epidemics- 1: 50 (20ml per liter of water)
  • Dipping (Foot-bath, Wheel-bath):
    Regular usage- 1:100 (10ml per liter of bath water).
    Epidemics- 1: 50 (20ml per liter of bath water)
  • Misting:
    1 liter of 1:200 Combat solution (5ml per liter water) per 100
    cubic meters of airspace.
  • Thermofogging (for Terminal Disinfection):
    1:1 solution (1 liter Combat per liter water), at the rate of 5 ml
    solution per cubic meter.


1 liter, 5 liter, 20 liter