Canine Parvovirus (CPV) is member of the feline parvovirus subgroup. It is closely related to feline panleukopenia virus and mink enteritis virus, and is considered endemic to nearly all popu- lations of domesticated and wild canines.

CPV causes two forms of disease : myocarditis and enteritis. Due to maternal antibody protection the myocardial form is rare. The enteric form, however, is prevalent and can be fatal to puppies and geriatric dogs. CPV enteritis causes severe, often bloody diarrhoea, vomiting, leukopenia and dehydration.

Transmission is faecal-oral and most infections occur from exposure to contaminated faeces. CPV is highly contagious and stable under a variety of environmental conditions.
Rapid diagnosis of CPV allows for quarantine and prompt treatment of infected dogs. Diagnosis may be difficult in milder cases. WITNESS® PARVO detects all strains of Canine Parvovirus shed in faeces. Positive results with WITNESS® PARVO indicate the presence of canine parvovirus.

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The WITNESS® PARVO test is a simple test, based Rapid Immuno Migration (RIMTM) technology, which detects the presence of canine parvovirus antigen in canine faeces. Sensitized particles bound to the CPV antigen present within the sample (faecal extract) migrate along a membrane. The complex is then captured on a sensitized reaction zone where its accumulation causes the formation of a clearly visible purple band. A purple band in the control window ensures that the test was performed correctly.



48 hours. If longer storage is required the samples may be frozen at -20°C.

Canine faecal material is required for this test. Stool samples may be stored at +2°C and 8°C for



A. 5 pouches, each containing 1 test device and desiccant.

B. 5 disposible sample extraction pipettes.

C. 1 extraction buffer bottle.

D. Instructions for use.



1. Do not use components after expiration date.
2. Store the test kit at +2°C – 25°C. Do not freeze.
3. Use the test within 10 minutes after opening the sealed pouch.
4. Avoid touching or damaging the membrane at windows (1), (2) or (3).
5. The WITNESS® PARVO device should be placed on a flat horizontal surface while perfoming the test.

6. Use a separate extraction pipette for each sample.
7. Hold extraction pipette vertically when dispensing sample. 8. Handle all reagents and samples as biohazardous material. 9. For Veterinary Use Only.


“Healthy vaccinated animals may cause false positive results if tested from the 3rd to 10th day after vaccination.”