Composition / Capsule 2g copper oxide:
Metallic copper 1.7 g


  • Copper (Trace Element) supplement for sheep & goat to improve the productivity and maintain health.
  • Copper support immune system.
  • Copper enhances growth, especially in young ages.
  • Copper play a vital & essential rolls in nervous system¬†function.
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Direction of use:

Administer Copprite capsules by the oral route directly & carried out using Copprite doser or similar dosing device.

Adult sheep & goats :

2 capsule 2 gm at the back of the tongue

Lambs (from 5 weeks of age):

1 capsule 2 gm at the back of the tongue.


Animal species : Sheep & goats


Withdrawal Period : Not required



Capsule 2 gm, Capsule 4 gm