GUSTORĀ® L Cu possesses the properties of sodium butyrate, for example: proliferative properties, as butyric acid is the first source of energy of enterocytes; improves the intestinal health due to butyric acid passes through the cytoplasmic membrane of Gram negative bacteria in a non-dissociated form, and once inside the cytoplasm it becomes dissociated. The dissociated form releases protons H+ that cause a disruption in the metabolism of bacterial cell. Finally, avoids inflammation, improving disease resistance of animals by inducing synthesis of Host Defense Peptides. Furthermore, the combination of different organic acids such as lactic, formic and propionic helps bacteria and mold control, and enhances the effectiveness of acidification maintaining optimum pH throughout the intestinal tract. Finally, copper as copper sulphate also has bacteria and mold control properties. The trials performed in our laboratory showed that with 1 Kg/1000 L of water, GUSTORĀ® L Cu was able to reduce the pH to pH 4, ensuring a good quality of drinking water and also having effectiveness in Gram negative bacteria.


Liquid for easy addition to drinking water and animal feed Acidifier, bactericide and improver of animal production parameters.

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Blend of free organic acids and copper salts with sodium butyrate


1000 kg plastic container and 25 kg or 5 kg plastic can