Multi Vitamin + Mineral

• Promoting good health

• Supporting the immune system

• Promoting wellbeing

• To help maintain an active healthy dog

MultiBoost is a tasty and nutritious liquid, which can be added to your dogs daily feed.

Echinacea – Renowned for its benefits and the subject of many scientific studies. Naturally supporting the immune system and supports resistance to infection.

Carnitine – Essential for working muscles for older dogs and growth rates in young dogs. A cofactor for normal cellular


Vitamin C – Enhances the immune system, stimulates phagocytic activity of white blood cells and formation of antibodies. New born pups produce very little vitamin C and so benefit from additional supplies.

Omega 3 & 6 – Are important nutrients that your pet needs for healthy skin and a soft shiny coat.

B-Vitamins – Maintain normal healthy appetite. Promotes growth, food conversion and improves skin & coat condition.

Vitamin E – Proven antioxidant.

Feeding Instructions

Suitable for puppies after weaning.

*Mix well into food.

– Small Dogs: Up to 5kg, 2.5 – 5 ml daily

– Medium Dogs: 5 – 15 kg, 5 – 7.5 ml daily

– Large Dogs: 15 – 30 kg, 7.5 – 10 ml daily

– Very Large Dogs: 30kg +, 10 – 15 ml daily