Composition: Each L  Contains

Phosphorus 40.000 mg

Calcium 22.500 mg

Sodium 13000 mg

Manganese 3900 mg

Copper 1.000 mg

Zinc 3500 mg

Cobalt 50 mg

Selenium 5 mg


Layers in Cage: To fight against osteoporosis (decrease of bone volume, without modification of its density) or osteomalacia, both linked to the huge quantity of Calcium doily used to build up egg shells. These lacking syndromes may lead to the paralysis of the legs (favored by the static position), which is then fatal to the bird. In this case RICODEN is, again, a quick and effective answer.

Broilers: to reduce legs weakness problems, which may lead to the kinky back syndrome (when the bird squats back on its hocks and cannot stand properly). A regular intake of a complete series of minerals in a bioavailable form, like RICODEN, is extremely important, specially between the 2nd and 4th week, when bone mineralization starts developing quickly.

All Animals: to reduce the damages caused by a heat stroke or by a stress condition. During the sudden hot climate situation, you face two problems that may cause a reduction of mineral intake: – Polypnea (increased respiratory frequency), caused by the thermoregulation process, induces an increase of Co2 elimination, thus o blood alkalinity which hampers Ca adsorption.

The heat stroke always causes a decrease of feed intake, coupled with a natural increase of fresh water intake. Therefore RICODEN is an ideal mean to compensate this deficiency.