ITALSOL AD3E 100/20/20

ITALSOL AD3E 100/20/20

Dosage and Administration:

-Poultry: 250 ml /1000 Liter drinking water

-Cattle, and horses: 10 ml/animal/day, via drinking water. Calves, foals: 5 ml/animal/day, via drinking water.

– Sheep, goats: 2.5 mi/animal/day, via drinking water.


1 L-5 L

Composition: Each L Contains

Vitamin  A 100.000.000 IU

Vitamin D3 20.000.000 IU

Vitamin E 20.000 mg


Helps to support resistance during periods of maximum stress

-corrects deficiency conditions and helps to maintain optimum health, performance and fertility.

-After transport and re-housing. Before mating and farrowing.