For use, specifying the target species
Treatment of nasal bots ,myiases, scabies ,infestations by ticks, lice , kissing bugs and control of cockroaches & flies in the farm.



Each ml contains:

Phoxim      500 mg

Dosage and Administration:

Spray treatment:

A) For Ticks, lice, Flies and maggots (in wounds) – single treatment with 1 ml ECTOFOX diluted in 1 liter water.
B) For mites – two treatments at 7 days interval with 1 ml ECTOFOX diluted in 1 liter water. In heavy mite infestation, the concentration should be double (2 ml of ECTOFOX per liter water)

Dip Treatment:

For Sheep Mange: Dilute 1 liter of ECTOFOX in 1000 liters of water to prepare plunge dip solution. Dilute the required amount of the ECTOFOX in 10-20 liter water, mix properly and then add this solution to the dipping tank.

Replenishing the plunge dip solution: Replenish after the volume of the dipping tank falls by 20%. Dilute 200 ml ECTOFOX in 100 liter of water.


Withdrawal Time:

Cattle meat: 40 days
Sheep and Goat meat: 28 days
Do not use in lactating animals within 2 months before start of lactation. Do not use during lactation.



250 ml, 1 liter