COMPOSITION: Cyfluthrin 1% w/w

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  • For the prevention and control of fleas, ticks, mites, lice, cockroaches, beetles, moth larvae, silverfish, fleas, bed, bugs, ants, woodlice, and wasps.
  • Fleas Associated with Small Animals: As an aid to the control of infestations, apply powder to bedding, baskets, carpets and furniture used by infested animals. Do not apply directly to animals.
  • Fleas and Bed Bugs: Before applying the powder clean surfaces thoroughly and remove all dust, fluff and debris. Sprinkle powder on floorboards, bedsteads, and floor covering. Pay particular attention to insect harbourages such as cracks, crevices etc.
  • Cockroaches, beetles, silverfish etc: • Apply a band of powder to the floor along skirting boards, at
    wall/floor junctions and other places where insects are known to
    run or where they may find harbourage.
    • Do not sprinkle all over the floor.
    • Blow the powder into all cracks, crevices and dead spaces
    where insects may find harbourage.
    • Leave the powder undisturbed for as long as possible. Re-treat
    as necessary.
  • Ants: Where possible dig out nests. Sprinkle powder freely along any runs and around nests. Where ants are invading premises apply liberally to points of access, e.g. air canals, drain vents etc. Re-treat as necessary.
  • Wasps: Apply liberally around and directly to nest and entrance holes at dusk or when activity around the nest is quiet


  • Not for use on uncovered food or grain. Not for use on clothing.
  • Do not apply directly to persons or animals.
  • Do not dispose in the water streams as it is HIGHLY TOXIC TO AQUATIC LIFE.
  • WASH HANDS AND EXPOSED skin before meals and after use.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Keep container tightly closed.