Thepax is a suitable prebiotic to be used in livestock to help meeting specific nutritional requirements that occur in animals during their physiological productive conditions.

In ruminants Thepax contributes to increase the number of digestive micro flora in order to help the animal to utilize the feed, through

Release of nutrients content to micro flora

Increase number of digestive bacteria population· Keep rumen pH fluctuations

Improve FCR

Increase animal performances

Decrease production unit cost

In monogastrics Thepax helps large intestine micro flora to limit the growth of pathogenic bacteria, by direct and indirect effects, leading to

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Inactivated Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain ellipsoideus carriers: Corn Gluten Feed, E562 Sepiolite


Saccharomyces Cerevisiae Strain ellipsoideus      10 x1012. cells/kg

Nutritional Analysis:

Crude Proteins 26%, Raw fats 1%, Raw Ash 52% , Raw fiber 1%  , Moisture 12% , L-lysie 1.1%


Direction of Use:

Mix with Feed / ton
Broilers and Turkeys starter: 1 kg /ton of feed

Broilers and Turkeys finisher: 500 g/ton of feed

Layer feed: 500 – 700 g /ton of feed

Beef cattle: 1.2 kg/ton of feed

Dairy cows: 1 kg/ton of feed

Calves: 1 kg/ton of feed

Sheep and goat: 500 g/ton of feed


Packing: 25 kg